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Coaching and Training Solutions for Individuals, Leaders and Teams

ZOOM Collaborate is a network of independent consultants whose mission is to help our clients achieve an outstanding triple bottom line: better financial and operational results, an enjoyable workplace experience, and a positive impact on the worlds they touch.
  • We focus on the human side of collaboration – how people get clear, aligned, and productive with themselves and each other.
  • We work with individuals, leaders and teams.  We believe that everyone wants to be effective at work, to perform well on a daily basis, and to feel satisfied with his or her life situation.
  • We help our clients achieve their goals by sharpening their collaborative skills , expanding their perspective, and nurturing their ability to be authentic and present, moment-to-moment. 

Getting the things we want at work and in life is also a function of our ability to be supported by friends and colleagues. The ability to collaborate - with ourselves and others - enables us to perform with more effectiveness and satisfaction.

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To "zoom" means to move along quickly. When we coach, we "zoom in," going with the client into the details of a specific area (like going down a spiral staircase) in order to discern and understand its depth. And we "zoom out," meaining we expand our view in order to get a better perspective from a higher vantage point.


Conscious Collaboration... Explained!

What does it really mean to manage and connect with others across time and space? In this short video interview, Susan explains the stresses of working in the digital age and invites viewers to experience the power of being more mindful, present and conscious at work with a one minute exercise. Watch now and try it for yourself!

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Susan DeGenring will co-present The Art of Scaling Virtual Learning at the Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) on May 11, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. She'll also lead a Campfire Session on May 12th titled "Using Technology in Corporate Training".

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