Presence. Perspective. Performance.

A self-aware, balanced approach to collaborating with others.


To make good things happen (e.g., drive an initiative to success, build a client relationship, or expand market share), we must clarify our intentions, assemble our assets, and work diligently to realize the goal.

Awareness of our inner life – including the needs and beliefs that drive our behaviors – can help us to realize goals at work, to connect authentically with others, and to enjoy life with our most important stakeholder -- ourselves.

With ZOOM coaching and skills training, you increase your capacity for presence and perspective, key ingredients for sustainable, high performance.

  • PRESENCE. Be aware in the moment. Interact with purpose and authenticity. Presence is the capacity to be alert, calm and attentive to what's happening in the moment without being hijacked by painful memories or worries about future threats. It enables us to respond to people, opportunities and setbacks with honesty and authenticity.
  • PERSPECTIVE. See the whole picture. Weigh the options. Make wise decisions. Perspective helps us to see the situation as it is, and from many vantage points. It expands our ability to separate facts from opinion, to understand different points of view, to appreciate the needs that drive our own and other's behavior, and to draw sound conclusions.  
  • PERFORMANCE. Focus your energy. Act in concert. Exceed expectations. Performance is the accomplishment of chosen tasks measured against reasonable standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed. It is the manifestation of our effort to influence others, makes things happen, and improve the quality of our lives.


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Conscious Collaboration... Explained!

What does it really mean to manage and connect with others across time and space? In this short video interview, Susan explains the stresses of working in the digital age and invites viewers to experience the power of being more mindful, present and conscious at work with a one minute exercise. Watch now and try it for yourself!

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Susan DeGenring will co-present The Art of Scaling Virtual Learning at the Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) on May 11, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. She'll also lead a Campfire Session on May 12th titled "Using Technology in Corporate Training".

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