ZOOM Coaching: Online and In-Person

Clarify your values and intentions. Dispel ambivalence and ambiguity. Realize the potential of your key relationships.

We are the architects of our lives, even when it seems that other people (or circumstances) control the keyboard. A dose of perspective can help us regain clarity about how things work and what matters most. That’s how a ZOOM Coach can help.

We'll zoom in to uncover your values and intentions, listen to how you communicate with yourself, and gauge your experience of authenticity and effectiveness. We'll zoom out to set achievable business and professional goals, build a realistic plan, and track progress.


Our Coaching Philosophy

We all want to be effective in our roles and true to our natures, with confidence in our abilities and joy in our hearts. These are natural and important needs.

We are each responsible for meeting our own needs at work. By staying present with our feelings, thoughts and sensations, we can discern which of our needs are being met and which are not. We can then make requests of others to help us fulfill unmet needs.

With self-awareness, determination and patience, we can choose strategies and take actions that produce outcomes which meet our needs. This approach holds true for both leaders and teams.

The ZOOM Coach is a process guide for an action-research project of self-discovery and empowerment. For our clients, the benefits of this collaborative exploration are greater appreciation of their inner and outer world, more authentic self-expression, and a sustained experience of positive anticipation, effectiveness, and joyful vitality.
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Coaching Services: Online and In-Person

Depending on your situation and needs, ZOOM offers four types of coaching: from a few conversations to address an urgent issue to a longer-term relationship aimed at producing a breakthrough in your performance and experience of daily well-being.

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Brief Situational Coaching

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Performance Coaching

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Role Coaching

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Legacy Coaching


Conscious Collaboration... Explained!

What does it really mean to manage and connect with others across time and space? In this short video interview, Susan explains the stresses of working in the digital age and invites viewers to experience the power of being more mindful, present and conscious at work with a one minute exercise. Watch now and try it for yourself!

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News & Events

Susan DeGenring will co-present The Art of Scaling Virtual Learning at the Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) on May 11, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. She'll also lead a Campfire Session on May 12th titled "Using Technology in Corporate Training".

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