Leading From a Distance

Mindful Leadership for Remote Managers

What's the problem?

How to be present when you're not present!

As a virtual leader, you spend much of your time getting things done with and through others. But when you’re working remotely from those who report to you, it’s just not the same. You speak with direct reports and virtual teams via telephone, online meeting platforms, and instant messaging. You plan, delegate, solve problems, and give feedback. But at a distance, relationships are harder to maintain and critical conversations are more difficult to hold. Without regular face-to-face contact, it’s challenging to build rapport, keep current, stay aligned, maintain momentum – and on a personal level – be an authentic and influential presence in the lives of those you work with.

We have a solution!

Leading from a Distance is a 3-4 month online virtual leadership program – combining 1-to-1 coaching, small group training, peer feedback, and self-paced exercises – tailored to the objectives of participant leaders who attend. During the program, leaders are immersed in the virtual learning environment, helping each other apply new competencies and sharing best practices.

Program Purpose:

To increase employee engagement and productivity in the remote workplace by extending greater leadership presence to virtual teams and managing remote colleagues with more focus, clarity, creativity and connnection.

Leading from a Distance is based on the idea of conscious collaborationa mindful way of working together toward mutually beneficial outcomes. After working with hundreds of virtual leaders and their teams, we’ve developed this unique blended learning approach as an antidote to the challenges they face – a sense of isolation, disconnected workflows, fragmented focus and reduced productivity among them.
We believe conscious collaboration is becoming a critical skill set as virtual becomes the "new normal.” And, that conscious collaboration requires mindful leadership to fill the gaps. Mindful virtual leaders can create a new
kind of bond with remote employees, bringing them authentically back into a stable field of productive relationships, aligned work processes, and improved performance. 

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Learning Outcomes:

In Leading from a Distance you will first define the virtual leadership challenges that are most relevant to you and set goals for your development.

Next, you will participate in a series of online peer learning sessions interspersed with one-to-one individual coaching, application projects, and reflection assignments to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • How to develop and extend your leadership presence to engage remote teams and employees.
  • How to foster rapport and trust with remote employees.
  • How to motivate and inspire consistent engagement and performance.  
  • How to set direction and get distributed team members aligned on a common strategy.
  • How to express yourself virtually with greater clarity, authenticity, and influence.
  • How to exercise mindful leadership practices that help you stay focused, balanced and connected with others.

(These outcomes are standard and designed to deal with common challenges leading remotely, but may be tailored based on specific objectives of the group attending the program.)

How It Works:

  • With your personal coach, you choose strategies for making changes in your day-to-day routine that will enhance your effectiveness, vitality, and experience of working with others. The ZOOM Coach is a process guide for your personal application project. Your coach will provide you with practical thought frameworks and tools to help you get perspective on your own experience (zooming in) and your work environment (zooming out).
  • During the peer training sessions with other leaders (four 90-minute sessions), you’ll learn tools and skills to boost your productivity and confidence, and share insights and suggestions on each other’s experiences. These web-cam sessions will take place in an online meeting platform in real-time.
  • The time commitment required for participating in Leading from a Distance is approximately 2 hours per week (32 hours over 16 weeks).

Benefits of Participation:

Your active participation in the program will provide these benefits* as a leader of dispersed employees and teams.

For You

  • Greater clarity about what you value most so that you manage your time and your people in a way that is consistent with those values.
  • More discipline in eliminating distractions and focusing on high-impact actions and interactions.
  • More effectiveness when giving direction and advocating for what is right and needed.
  • Less anxiety when addressing difficult situations where you can’t respond in person.
  • Greater freedom to bring your authentic self -- who you are -- to work.  

For Your Direct Reports, Virtual Teams, and Other Key Relationships

  • More widely felt inclusion, trust, competence, and success (and less fear).
  • Greater willingness to follow your lead and support your initiatives.  
  • Greater accountability and less fog around roles, responsibilities and decision-making. 
  • More innovative thinking – from creative spark to practical application.


Why This Approach is Better than Training or Coaching Alone:

You will have a profound learning experience with sustainable results because Leading from a Distance combines the best of adult learning: learning from experience, from others, from training/study, and from self-reflection. You’ll get better at leading from a distance by doing effective things more, by taking ineffective actions less, and by receiving by positive reinforcement.

You won’t leave your work setting for a week to be in a classroom. You won’t bear your way through an impersonal e-training series. 

You’ll get acquainted with a tried-and-true approach for virtual leadership based on the best practices from hundreds of other virtual leaders. You’ll have your own coach, guide and confidante. You’ll have a toolkit and specific skills to practice that will advance your progress.

The learning will stick and your results will be significant. Next year, you won’t say: “It was enjoyable program, but I forget what I learned.” You’ll say: “Leading from a Distance helped me improve how I lead others. Today, I continue to sharpen my performance and experience more satisfaction at work.”

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