Collaborative Process Consulting

Maximize your time and energy by collaborating with the right people, in the right way, using the best strategies and tools.

You want to accomplish something big, new or different. You want to engage people who have the experience, skills and enthusiasm to join the enterprise. Alternatively, a key project has stalled and you don't know how best to get it back on track. 

ZOOM's Consulting Services will help you get focused, organized, and on the road to your desired results.

metaphoric-consultingOur Approach to Consulting

ZOOM Consultants are OD and OE practitioners, with expertise in how to design and facilitate collaborative initiatives.

  • Partners in the Effort. You have the knowledge of your organization's mission, operations, and issues. We provide the techniques, thought frameworks, and collaboration tools to solve the problem.
  • Mutual Responsibility. You own the problem or opportunity, decide on the solution, and lead implementation. We help clarify issues, build a gameplan, and facilitate the process.
  • Learning Together. We share insights and success stories so you can replicate useful practices and avoid common pitfalls in future projects.
  • Honest Interaction. Together, we model behaviors we'd like others to emulate. We speak the truth as we know it and exchange fact-based feedback.
  • Authentic Appreciation. We acknowledge people for how they contribute to the success of the effort. This practice keeps us connected as human beings.
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Process Consulting Services

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Fast-Cycle Advice

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Collaborative Change Design

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Strategy Alignment

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Team Building: Co-located and Virtual Teams


Conscious Collaboration... Explained!

What does it really mean to manage and connect with others across time and space? In this short video interview, Susan explains the stresses of working in the digital age and invites viewers to experience the power of being more mindful, present and conscious at work with a one minute exercise. Watch now and try it for yourself!

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News & Events

Susan DeGenring will co-present The Art of Scaling Virtual Learning at the Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) on May 11, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. She'll also lead a Campfire Session on May 12th titled "Using Technology in Corporate Training".

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