Outstanding teams. Common practices. Common sense.

Effective teamwork requires collective discipline and a willingness to share responsibility. ZOOM builds the collaborative skills and practices to take your team from good to great.

ov-work-teamsDecades of research have confirmed the key ingredients of successful teams: a unifying purpose, measurable goals, clear roles, complementary skills, and collaborative work processes.

But most teams don't reach the finish line. Members disengage and communication breaks down. Time and money go down the drain.

ZOOM Collaborate will help you crack the collaboration code and improve how your remote and in person teams perform.

Services for Teams: In Person and Online


ZOOM Coaching helps teams clarify mission, define goals, and set priorities. Team members increase self awareness and build collaborative disciplines.


Skills Training helps teams establish a common language for solving problems and taking action. Team members experience the value of shared responsibility.


Process Consulting guides teams through launch and re-chartering. Sponsors, leaders and members work together to remove barriers to performance.


Meeting Facilitation Services help team members share responsibility and achieve better results. Everyone learns good practices for future meetings.


Conscious Collaboration... Explained!

What does it really mean to manage and connect with others across time and space? In this short video interview, Susan explains the stresses of working in the digital age and invites viewers to experience the power of being more mindful, present and conscious at work with a one minute exercise. Watch now and try it for yourself!

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News & Events

Susan DeGenring will co-present The Art of Scaling Virtual Learning at the Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) on May 11, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. She'll also lead a Campfire Session on May 12th titled "Using Technology in Corporate Training".

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